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July 4, 2008
Contact: Vanda Mikoloski 360-789-1466

Los Angeles, CA — July 4, 2008. Straw Weisman (What the Bleep do we Know?!), Anurag Gupta (International transformational coach, Elevate Film Festival) and Vanda Mikoloski (Spiritually Incorrect Comedy) announced today the production of a stand-up comedy documentary-style feature film being shot at the Sedona Dream Theater in Sedona, AZ. August 1 and 2, 2008 from 7:30PM-10:30pm. “Spiritually Incorrect Comedy –The Movie”, follows three Los-Angeles based stand-up comedians on their journey from mainstream night-club entertainers to irreverent, transformational, spiritually incorrect comedians, capturing their escapades at venues like: the streets of Venice beach, Sponto Gallery, Conscious Life Expo and more…

Straw Weisman on Sedona: "The gorgeous location and the incredible people who live here...clearly make Sedona the ideal place to film an irreverent, reverent movie of a spiritual nature."

Vanda Mikoloski, a comic since 1982 and Washington State winner of Showtime's “Funniest Person in America” contest, left comedy and television in 1996 to quit drinking and drugs and find some inner peace. She became a yoga and meditation teacher for the Dixie Chicks and gobbled up spiritual and transformational mentors. With the advent of the movie “What the Bleep do we Know?!” Vanda developed a comedy act combining her two great loves: transformational and spiritual work (a-has), and laughter (ha-has). She was asked by Betsy Chasse of "What the Bleep Do We Know" to do comedy before national premieres of the movie. After 4 years of touring in New Thought Churches, What the Bleep conferences, metaphysical events and anyplace that would listen, Vanda was encouraged by Drew Heriot (The Secret)and Mikki Willis (Elevate Film Festival) and moved to Los Angeles and founded “ Spiritually Incorrect Comedy” with Erik Passoja, Gerry Katzman and Leah Krinsky. Vanda considers herself extremely self-righteous and intends for the adventure of this movie to knock some of that out of her.

Erik Passoja, a nationally-touring headliner, has made stand-up appearances on Byron Allen’s "Comics Unleashed", NBC’s "Last Comic Standing", and Comedy Central’s, "Standup, Standup". A martial artist, yogi, and vegan, Erik joined Spiritually Incorrect Comedy in 2007 and found it to be the expression of his most authentic self. He also considers himself totally arrogant.

Gerry Katzman is an actor and comedian who has appeared on "JAG" on CBS, "Angel" on The WB, "Lucky" on FX, "A.U.S.A" on NBC, and many other film, theater, and television roles. He has performed across the country and is a
motivational speaker, teacher, and magician who explores the possibilities inherent within the healing power of laughter.

Leah Krinsky prowls behind the scenes as Spiritually Incorrect's creative consultant and muse. After winning two Emmys
for comedy writing, Leah left show business for the high-paying, glamorous world of academia, where her work gets rewritten by a much better class of people. She is currently pursuing two master's degrees in psychology and is probably one of the few people in existence whose writing has appeared on both the Late Show with David Letterman and the Journal of Social Behavior and Personality.

Love donations accepted at the theatre. Visit http://www.incorrecttickets.com to reserve a seat.

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: “The show made for an outrageous evening of irreverence about the “spiritual” things people usually revere. S.I.C. is joyfully playful where others are pious, and grab-your-gut funny where others are significant. The streetwise observations about the human dilemma are insightful and hysterical and wise!” ~Mark Vicente, Director, “What the BLEEP Do We Know!?”…..

“Superstar funny-woman and sweetheart of the metaphysical, Vanda delivers a rambunctious repertoire that reminds us of one very important spiritual principle - not to take ourselves too seriously! I actually believe her when she says she wants to be just like Jesus ... but funny!” ~Drew Heriot, Director of the hit film, The Secret